Our Mission

The Korean Bible Society (KBS) is a non-profit organization formed to translate, publish and distribute the Christian Scriptures. KBS is a member of the United Bible Societies and works in collaboration with partner national Bible Societies worldwide. We strive with all of our efforts so that everyone can read the Scriptures in a language that they can understand at a cost that they can afford.

Our Mission and Vision

The Korean Bible Society serves to spread the Gospel to those living in total darkness without the true light. In submission to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-19), we pursue the Bible Society movement to participate in God’s mission as witnessed in the Bible.

Our work in Korea focuses on supporting newly founded churches and churches in need, providing Scriptures for young soldiers in military service, and participating in the evangelical activities of mission organizations in prisons, schools, hospitals, and in other areas of need. We also take part in global mission work by providing finances to translate the Bible into vernacular languages and donating Scriptures for the marginalized communities all over the world.

More recently, the focus of our domestic work has been on helping people read and engage their lives with the Word of God through our various programs aiming to facilitate Bible use. We also position ourselves to become more active and involved in sharing God’s Word with our global neighbours who are in need, especially those who have survived devastating disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, etc.

‘But these have been written in order that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that through your faith in him you may have life. (John 20:31)’