Support Our Ministry

Bible-A-Month Club

Our Bible-A-Month Club offers the opportunity to those who understand the significance of Bible Society mission to contribute regularly towards the ongoing Bible Society ministry all over the world. Everyone is invited, and you can also become a member of this club through simple steps:

1. Choose how many Bibles you wish to support through the club.You can select from one (5,000 Won) or more copies.
2. Apply for CMS through the Bible Society
3. You have successfully completed the procedures, and your contribution will be drawn from your bank account automatically every month!

When you join the club, you’ll receive our newsletters and magazines, updating you with the latest information about the global Bible Work. At the same time, you’ll receive a membership card which will entitle you to immediate discounts for your Bible purchases at our in-house bookstore.

Signing up is easy and instant! Click the following link, fill out the form on our Korean website and simply submit the form.

Special Appeals

The Bible gives many examples of churches helping churches in need, and commands us to live out God’s Word by practicing justice through giving and sharing. That is why we send out special appeals when we hear reports of natural disasters and catastrophic incidents devastating the lives of our neighbours, and encourage them to join our efforts to provide for the spiritual food these people desperately need.

For any inquiries about our fundraising programs, please phone our Fundraising Department at +82 (0)2 2103 8833~4 or the toll free number at 080-974-3061.

Global Missions Calendar

Our Global Missions Calendar invites you to pray for the ongoing ministry of Bible Societies across the globe.

Every month, we highlight the work of each Bible Society, and thank you for the impact brought about in the lives of individuals, communities, and socieities around the world. Your generous giving and humble prayers make a difference!

Thank you for supporting our work!