Yoido Full Gospel Church Supports the Translation and Publication of the Lacid Study NT

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The Yoido Full Gospel Church has been a strong supporter of Bible ministry, especially with the continued support to providing Scriptures in mother tongue languages of the minority peoples of Myanmar. Among the various projects the church has been supporting is the translation of the Lacid study New Testament.

On March 11, 2016, a special event was held at the Yoido Full Gospel Church to give thanks and to bless the Lacid NTs that were to be donated to the Bible Society of Myanmar. In the address to the congregation, Rev. Dr. Young Hoon Lee, the Senior Pastor of the church expressed gratitude for being able to support the provision of God’s Word for the people of Lacid, and encouraged more churches to join the effort in providing for the translation and distribution of Scriptures worldwide.

Mr. Eui Hyun Kwon, the President of the Korean Bible Society expressed heartful gratitude to the Youido Full Gospel Church for their continued support towards this project, and asked church members to continue to pray and support this important mission.

The New Testament in the Lacid language will reach Myanmar in early April.