Choongshin Presbyterian Church supports Amharic Bibles for Ethiopia

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On October 15, 2015, the Bible-sending service was held at the Distribution Center of the Korean Bible Society with members of the Choongshin Presbyterian Church that supported the provision of 20,300 Amharic Bibles to Ethiopia.

In the sermon, the church’s senior pastor, Rev. Jeon Ho Lee expressed hope for Ethiopia that God’s Word will spread the good news of Jesus Christ and bring the peoples of Ethiopia to Christ. He reminded that as children come to churches, they will learn about the Word and grow to restore and transform Ethiopia to a blessed land that flourishes in the Gospel.


Elder Seon Kwon Bang prayed that the Bibles donated by the church will be the source of hope and salvation for everyone who receives these Bibles and read them.

The 20,000 Amharic Bibles were transported to the Busan Port and shipped out on November 2. Currently, they are scheduled to reach Modjo in mid December. The Bible Society of Ethiopia will collect these Bibles and share them with people eagerly awaiting for the Bibles in Ethiopia.